Compact Home

Compact Home

The Compact Home Collection might be small in size but it’s big on performance. Whether it’s for your home away from home, you have a smaller kitchen or you’re even just looking to save on a little space – this compact collection is for you.

Combining brushed and polished stainless steel, this collection adds a premium touch to any kitchen counter top.

Compact Home Jug Blender25290-56

Compact Home Coffee Maker24210-56

Compact Home Food Processor25280-56

Compact Home Brushed Kettle24190-70

Compact Home Glass Kettle24191-70

Compact Home Slow Cooker 2L25570-56

Compact Home Brushed 1 Slot Toaster24200-56

Compact Home Jug Blender

Do you love blending up a variety of recipes but lack space in the kitchen? Then the Compact Home Jug Blender was made for you. 

Compact Home Coffee Maker

Do you need a morning coffee to start your day? Or maybe you just need an afternoon boost. Are you looking for a coffee machine but lack space in your kitchen?

Compact Home Food Processor

Do you love cooking up a storm in the kitchen but find your space is limited?

Compact Home Brushed Kettle

The Compact Home Brushed Kettle combines contemporary style and premium performance whilst still saving you space in the kitchen

Compact Home Brushed 1 Slot Toaster

The Compact Home Brushed 1 Slot Toaster brings you stylish design and premium performance, whilst still saving you space in your kitchen.

Compact Home Glass Kettle

Do you dream of a kettle that gives you a powerful performance, is the perfect size for making brews and still saves you space in your kitchen? 

Compact Home Slow Cooker 2L

Are you looking for a slow cooker that saves you space in your kitchen and still gives you a powerful performance?