Family Grill

It’s never been easier to eat well surrounded by friends and family. Enjoy deliciously grilled food, cooked at home with our Russell Hobbs Family Grill. With generous cooking space and clever fat drainage, meals have never been tastier.

Whether you’re cooking for friends or family, the large grill allows you to cook up to 5 portions at a time. The grill features a floating hinge which adjusts to the thickness of your food, allowing you to cook the perfect steaks, halloumi and asparagus, cook chicken breast, sizzle sausages, it can be used for any mealtime.

There are so many new and exciting recipes out there, and now with our grill you can try them out for yourself. Keep all the sizzle and flavour of food, whilst seeing the excess fat and grease drain away. The clever side-sloping griddles drain unwanted fat and grease, into 2 integrated drip trays.


  • Cooks up to 5 portions
  • Fat and grease drip trays
  • Easy storage
  • Floating hinges
  • Adjustable rear foot
2 Year Guarantee +1

2 Year Guarantee +1