Russell Hobbs brings you the latest in style, design and innovation for your kitchen worktop. Delivering uncompromising style, we have taken influences from fashion and home interiors to create appliances that are bang on trend and create a style statement.

Whether you are looking for the sleek elegance of Buckingham, the innovative colour control of our Illumina range or a splash of Colours to brighten up your kitchen work surfaces, you are sure to find it here. Browse though our ranges at your leisure using the links below.

  • Legacy Collection

    Celebrating 60 years of innovation, style & design.

  • Futura

    Simply elegant in brushed stainless steel, this classic range is a great start to any breakfast.

  • Colours

    This breakfast collection, which comes in an array of different colours, will add a burst of colour to brighten up any kitchen.


  • Black Glass

    The combination of sleek black glass and stainless steel guarantees to add effortless style to every breakfast.

  • Food Collection

    Everyday style and value. The Food Collection allows you to prepare all your favourite food in an uncomplicated, convenient and quick way.

  • Desire

    A functional food preparation range in a striking combination of red and black; perfect for the passionate cook.

  • Kitchen Collection

    Housed in a white gloss finish with fun green accents, this fully coordinated breakfast and food preparation range will put you at ease whilst in the kitchen.

  • Cook@Home

    The range provides an array of different home cooking methods to deliver perfection in the kitchen.

  • Performance Pro

    Perfect for the passionate home cook, this professional range makes time consuming food preparation quick and easy. 

  • Retro
    Modern day products with a charming Retro twist.