Russell Hobbs MT Retro White Coffee Maker 21703-56
The stunning design is a welcome addition to any kitchen in a striking white with stainless steel accents. Flood the room with aromas of fresh coffee and dream of the days of retro diners, drive-ins and vinyl records. And if that wasn’t reason enough to leave you swooning over the Retro White Coffee Machine, it even has a vintage car inspired temperature gauge on the front that adds to its unique charm. This temperature gauge not only lets you know when your coffee is almost ready but it also lets you decide if it’s warm enough to squeeze one last brew of it.
*Vs Russell Hobbs’ Coffee Maker number 21790-56
  • Advanced showerhead technology 21703-56
    Advanced showerhead technology 21703-56
    The advanced showerhead technology improves coffee extraction* ensuring every cup of coffee is a good one. Every ounce of flavour is savoured from the coffee beans and is distributed evenly, ensuring a richer, better-tasting pot of coffee.
  • 1 Cup Perfect Coffee Spoon 21703-56
    1 Cup Perfect Coffee Spoon 21703-56
    The Retro White Coffee Maker is accompanied by a perfect 1 cup measuring spoon to ensure every coffee is a good one. So get the ratio right and add just the amount of coffee you require, whether it’s a delicious cup for one or a pot for a few
  • Stainless steel coffee maker with stunning retro accents
  • Coffee gauge showing brewing process and keep warm time
  • Advanced showerhead technology
  • Improved coffee extraction*
  • 1.25ml glass carafe
  • Makes 10 large cups
  • Includes a spoon for measuring one cup of coffee
  • Washable filter holder
  • Pause and pour feature
  • Water level indicator
  • 2 year guarantee +1
  • Improved coffee extraction*
  • Advanced Showerhead Technology
  • Great tasting coffee